Water Plan

The regional water plans are updated every five years by the regional water planning groups, their technical consultants, and the Texas Water Development Board. Demand projections for seven categories of water users (municipal, industrial, livestock, irrigation, manufacturing, mining, and power generation) are developed for a 50-year planning horizon. The current supplies are described, and the planning group coordinates with cities and other stakeholders to plan the best ways to meet future water needs. The ‘bottom-up’ process relies on stakeholder involvement, and allows for the region to guide management of its own water resources.

The 2016 Rio Grande Regional Water Plan was prepared by the Rio Grande Regional Water Planning Group (Region M) and will be incorporated into the 2017 State Water Plan. Water projects requiring state approval and/or funding must be included in the regional plan.

  The following downloads are in PDF format, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2016 Regional Water Plan